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Welcome to The Kefirshop
We are a small family business started over 20 years ago dedicated to supplying Kefir and Kombucha to the public 
  We were the first supplier in the UK and pride ourselves in Providing Organic Live Probiotic Kefir and Kombucha Cultures
in there natural state and with there full health Benefits

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We Only Use organic produce

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Live Cultures Nothing powdered or altered


most of my produce will last and grow indefinitely so it is effectively a lifetime supply for you and everyone you know
how's that for value for money


Milk Kefir Grains
Milk Kefir is such a balanced and nourishing food that Regular use of Kefir can help relieve Most intestinal beneficial bacteria and yeast Vitamins and minerals and complete proteins It contributes to a healthy immune system This is a Kefir Grain it usually contains over 50 strains of bacteria and Yeasts Unlike the freeze dried powder that has around 7!! mainly there for there marketable qualities taste and appearance. 
Many suppliers now sell these powder starters as Kefir but it is a poor relative and lacks the quality and richness of original live grain culture which of coarse lasts for ever unlike the Freeze Dry powder
We Offer A Few Options On Live Milk Kefir Cultures In Our Shop lifetime supply

Water Kefir
Water Kefir is different in looks from milk Kefir it is like small rubber chips and these are usually cultured under pressure Making it fizzy if required.
These grains have been cultured to live and grow in organic Sugar And Water they are often referred to as Japanese Water Crystals, Tibiscos, Tibi along with many other names. Water Kefir is a Probiotic drink containing a complex structure of good bacteria and yeast listed Here. These will last for ever if cared for and you will be able to share these with your friends and Family  These can be bought from our shop now

 Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Pronounced [Com-boo-cha], It is made and drunk around the world. It has been a 'God-Send' for those 'in the know' Kombucha works with your body to boost its natural ability to fight sickness and disease as well as bring a healthy balance back to your metabolism and organs. It is a very pleasant drink tasting like sparkling apple juice with a short fermentation and longer fermentation will make excellent vinegar ideal for pickling and general preservation.

Ginger Beer culture
We also sell our Ginger Beer Plant, like the one granny used to use. our ginger beer culture  can be used for most types of  baking and brewing ginger beer or ginger wine it will divide and grow in the same way as all Probiotic live cultures.  The Ginger Beer Plant is a live yeast/bacterial culture  and with the addition of ginger root or preferably dry ginger powder to  water and sugar you will be able to make your own traditional ginger beer. with all the Probiotic benefits.
our culture is hundreds if not thousands of generations old  that must speak for its self .

Latest Updates

Great Low Prices in our Shop

I have been getting asked about the huge influx of Freeze Dried/Powdered Milk Kefir offered for sale online just now I would like to say that this product is not The same as the milk Kefir I sell this does not grow a grain, it has less than a quarter of the original Kefir Probiotic bacteria, it does mot produce kefiride the thing that gives Kefir its thick Rich texture, it does not reproduce indefinitely, its quality deteriorate within weeks,  Proper Milk Kefir can only be propagated from a live grain

Now Selling Dried Water Kefir Grains these are a ideal way to start you own culture from the ground up available to buy now in our shop

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Latest update Sept 21 2016

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