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I Post orders Monday to Friday orders received before 9 am will be sent that day after deadline will be sent next day.
I send all orders first class next day delivery recorded first class is also available
Postage and packaging costs will be added at time of checkout  This will be around 2.50 
Please read this disclaimer before purchase
The packing we use is food grade plastic which is heat sealed then it is placed in a padded envelope there has been recent studies to say there might be traces of latex even in food grade plastic if you where allergic to these microscopic amounts of latex this could present a problem unless you wash the grain and make 1 or 2 batches and pour the batches out by this time the original Kefir will have regenerated twice.
Please consider consulting your doctor or even visit one of the many health forums on the internet we cannot will not be held responsible for any medical or liable issues to arise for buying handling and or eating and of the produce. we sell.
These are the minimum ideals set out to keep our small business running .
All information is provided for educational purposes it is in no way meant to be taken as fact
i will post questions and answers on faq page the answers cannot be taken as fact i recommend double checking any information found here with another independent source.
 The Kefirshop offers no medical, medicinal, nutritional information at all.
These Q&A  are in no way statements of absolute fact.
any action carried out based on any information found on  this web site is done at the Persons own risk
all the live cultures we sell are offered as curios
The cultures we sell are mother culture THE SEED These are not what you eat You eat the cultured medium  e.g. milk, sugar ,water once inoculated with The culture you have produced
 I cant even say these are beneficial to you due to exacting requirements in medical or health statements. All our  products are sold without promise of health benefits I offer no valid claim to the medicinal qualities of these the culture you receive.
 All out products have been kept and packed to the highest standards of hygiene and every effort has been made over 1000s of live culture generations to ensure no nuts or seafood has ever been near these cultures.
if you have any problems understanding this disclaimer or would like to contact me with regards to any material herein please EMAIL ME
By making a purchase you are agreeing at point of sale to our disclaimer
   Last Updated 05/02/2017